Discover How You Can Scientifically Evolve Your Own Life DNA To Finally Cure Your Biggest Problems With Relationships, Wealth, Personal Happiness and Beliefs Using Just One System That You Can Begin Absorbing Within Minutes…Guaranteed!

For the First Time, Prolific Mind Master And Hypnotherapist Teams Up With World-Famous Life Transformation Guru To Create the Only System You Will Ever Need So You Can Expect the Best Time of Your Life As You Experience Genuine Love, Financial Abundance and Happiness Like Never Before!

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From the Desks of Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
President, American Alliance of Hypnotists,
NLP Master Trainer,
Clinical Hypnotherapist


Gary Coxe,
Personal Growth Trainer & Life Strategist
Author of“Don’t Let Others Rent Space In Your Head”

Dear Friend,

He Shocked The World: Many years ago, Milton Erikson (one of the founding fathers of modern hypnosis) admitted that he had successfully performed surgery through hypnotic sedation or by inducing a state of hypnosis so deep that the patient did not feel pain or any other sensation from the beginning of the surgery and until the end of the procedure.

Later on, after Erikson reassured the patient he induced a deep hypnotic trance once again to send the patient into a restful sleep, so that he would feel no pain after the surgery.

Can you deny how powerful our minds are?

What Milton Erikson did was clinical hypnosis and he simply utilized what was already there in the patient’s mind: the power to overcome physical pain even during surgery. This tiny glimpse into the world of hypnosis affords us a much bigger opportunity to make vital changes to our lives.

The opportunity lies in every person’s ability to have unlimited access to his own Life DNA.

What is Life DNA?

  • Life DNA is the network of past experience, memories, emotions and beliefs that shape who you are right now.
  • Your Life DNA determines where you are going and for how long you are going to stay in that path.
  • Your Life DNA is unique and therefore, you are the highest authority when it comes to making positive changes to it.
  • A person’s Life DNA can be accessed through the two halves of his mind: the waking mind and the subconscious.

  • Each half plays a powerful role in determining what you are going to do next.
  • Unlike its biological counterpart, you don’t have to be a genetic scientist to be able to modify your Life DNA. All the tools you will ever need are already within you. You just have to know how to do it and you will be set for life.

Do You Need Access To Your Own Life DNA?

In order to determine if you are the right candidate for a Life DNA transformation, please see the following guide questions:

  • Do you dream of achieving something more in terms of personal happiness, wealth, personal relationships or even with just your personal habits and beliefs?
  • Are you tired of guessing what you should do next to fix certain problems in your life, including persistent, long-term issues that seem to have no answer?
  • Do you want a way to evolve your life’s present state so that you will be in a much better position in five or ten years from now?
  • Do you have problems that are just making you depressed or anxious because they are causing you to expend more time, energy and resources regularly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are a prime candidate for a Life DNA Evolution!

When your Life DNA evolves, you
actively change your thoughts, beliefs,
behavior and even your emotions. Your
personal blueprint gets a critical upgrade

The human mind is a very powerful engine that is capable of influencing and changing not only your current life circumstances but also your physical reality and those who are associated with you.

That is why it is so important that you are careful with what you see, hear and believe. Your mind enacts what it perceives to be true… so if you have old, core beliefs that are not aligned with reality, you will still interpret these beliefs as being true and you will do everything in your power to make sure that your beliefs (and not the beliefs of others) will influence your decisions and actions.

The big problem is that 99% of the time, people do not know that they are using false/limiting beliefs in their lives.

When a belief is accepted by the human mind, it will justify the belief no matter what the nature of the belief is. In short, it doesn’t matter if these limiting beliefs are hurting your emotions, intellect or life in general. Since it’s already in your mind, it’s going to stay there… if you don’t do anything about it!

The Acid Test: Do You Have
Secret, Limiting Beliefs?

Let’s NOT guess – find out if limiting beliefs have been lurking in your mind all these years:

  • Have you experienced saying something hastily, only to regret that you’ve said it after seeing the consequences?
  • Do you sometimes act without examining the potential results of your actions?
  • Have you ever felt that you don’t know why you’re not happy?
  • Do you think sometimes that you don’t deserve the best in life, because of (x) and (y) reasons?
  • Do you question your ability to achieve certain things even before you have tried accomplishing them?
  • Do you feel fearful of change, especially when it comes to relationships, careers, etc.?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is confirmed: you, like the majority of the world’s population, have limiting beliefs that are directly influencing how you think, speak and behave.

The good news is that even though your limiting beliefs have probably been affecting you negatively for many years, there is a way to finally get rid of them for good.

Imagine being able to think freely, without anxiety, hesitation or fear.

Think of all the life satisfaction you are going to derive from pursuing your true passions in life (people rarely have just one passion!)

Visualize your life when hidden, limiting beliefs have been eradicated from your Life DNA permanently, leaving only the best memories, experiences and life lessons in their place.

Our Stories in 60 Seconds

Gary and I may have come from different states and family backgrounds, but we both share many uncanny similarities:

  • We both grew up in households that were not extremely wealthy.
  • We both experienced hardships, both in our personal and professional lives (boy, have we been tested!)
  • We both know the meaning of “hitting rock bottom” financially and emotionally.
  • We learned how to recover and stand back up (but not without a lot of backbreaking effort)
  • In the end, we discovered the secret that allowed us to make our lives amazing in every way. This secret is the accessing and programming your Life DNA the right way!

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Signs of the Times…

What many people don’t know is that they already have the power to change the different aspects of their lives.

No guru or hypnotist can just give you a better life the same way a parent can give his child a gift. Only you can evolve your own Life DNA. So in the end, you are fully responsible for changing/modifying it.

Another thing that many people don’t see immediately is that they sometimes gain subconscious access to their Life DNA but they make the wrong changes.

Think back to a time when you noticed that you were sinking deeper into negativity.

Something was changing but you didn’t know what it was. You felt bad that it was happening but at the same time, something in your mind was somehow supporting and justifying the new circumstances that were arising out of nowhere.

That’s your Life DNA evolving, but you just didn’t know what was actually happening. Life DNA can evolve to make your life better or worse. That’s why you have to be aware and in control.

If your Life DNA evolves on its own because of negative influences from your environment, you are the only person who is going to suffer from the impact of the unplanned changes.

You have two options: evolve your Life DNA yourself or let other people decide what’s best for you. Which would you pick?

Challenges are only tough if you don’t know what to do. Remember when you first rode a bike or drove a car? It was hard at first and the whole experience felt so alien, so outside your realm of experience. But after some time, you began to feel that this is something you can manage with practice.

Evolving your Life DNA follows the same path. At first, it is going to be a little challenging but the more you discover about yourself, the easier it gets. And in a short span of time, you become a Master of Life DNA yourself. Why? Because no one, and we do mean no one, is the higher authority on your own Life DNA than yourself!

Are you ready to master your Life DNA?

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. & Gary Coxe Present:

Ultimate Prosperity DNA

Ultimate Prosperity DNA is the newest and easiest way to upgrade your Life DNA and improve the most important aspects of your life easily and... in a way that you will actually enjoy!

Each power packed module in this system was designed to reveal the mechanics of how the human mind works and perceives issues and realities.

Let us help you accomplish newer, better goals so you will feel happier and more satisfied whenever you exert effort, energy and resources in day to day situations. If you have ever felt that you needed an extra boost in the right direction, Ultimate Prosperity DNA will help you until you reach the many treasures that you will find in your new journey.

Ultimate Prosperity DNA deals with four major areas, namely Empowering Beliefs, Happiness, Wealth and Relationships. Each area is explored in-depth via eight, twenty-minute modules. The whole system is completed by a total of 32 professionally-recorded audio modules, digitally mastered to deliver the best listening experience.

ONLY $17

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Here’s a taste of what’s inside Program Your Life:


Empowering Beliefs with Gary Coxe
(8 Modules)

  • The Truth About Beliefs - Discover why believing is not enough to get you all the great things that you want for yourself and the people that you care for.

    Many so-called mentors out there are telling people to just believe in themselves but what they don’t tell you is how to actually make this formula work.

    In Empowering Beliefs, let us hold your hand as we walk through the steps needed in order for a belief to manifest in physical reality. It is not complicated. It is not difficult. You can definitely do it!

    But let me tell you a secret now: you are missing a vital ingredient in what you are doing and without this secret ingredient, you will end up exerting more effort, time, money and energy into things that will bring little or no reward.

    If you are tired of exerting so much effort only to find out that you won’t be getting anything good in return, Empowering Beliefs is all about you and how you can escape this vicious cycle for good!
  • Your Unstoppable Evolution Begins – The biggest mistake that a person can commit when he wants to achieve something in his life is to believe in something and just stop.

    If you have been doing this, you will notice that after a time, just believing in something can sap your energy and willingness to take action.

    In Empowering Beliefs, let us show you how the secret ingredient can radically change how you think and work so your Life DNA will reinvent itself in such a way that you will have all the motivation and energy you will ever need to become who you really want to be.

    We want to emphasize the importance of knowing your abilities and tying these up with your goals and desires. Having a desire is not a bad thing, in fact, it can become the jet fuel that will propel you to incredible heights.

    But things don’t just happen just because you want them… There’s something that is equally important to believing in something!

    Like we have said before, if you don’t have this secret ingredient you will end up spending more personal resources than necessary to achieve certain things in life.

    Who would want to do that? Our personal resources are naturally limited and our primary objective is to maximize benefit while limiting disadvantages and setbacks. You can’t do that if you don’t know how to position yourself for maximum, positive results!
  • Rewiring the Mental Matrix – Your Life DNA has a specific set of coordinates and no matter how complex your Life DNA may seem, we still have the ability to study, take it apart and change it whenever we want. It’s that fear of not being able to do so that often causes the most problems.

    It’s like holding a wrench and thinking that a nut would actually bite back when you try to loosen it. At one point in your journey to make your life as amazing as you dream it to be, you will have to rewire the Mental Matrix.

    The truly wonderful thing about this is that every living, breathing person on this world already has the tools that he can use to perform major surgery on the Mental Matrix.

    The Mental Matrix is composed of all your beliefs in life. Sounds simple right? Well, each belief that you currently have has the ability to influence how you think, act and speak.

    So more often than not, the Mental Matrix has a huge role in determining if you will succeed or not. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the Mental Matrix… We can’t be certain at this point if everyone is actually ready to change their own Mental Matrix even if it has been laid open in front of them.

    But what we are certain at this point is that if you are ready to make some changes, your Unstoppable Transformation will not be as effective if you don’t make changes to your belief systems, specifically your limiting beliefs or the beliefs that actually sabotage your success at every turn.
  • Enter the Mind Fortress – Your mind is a sacred temple where all of the Universe’s energies and wisdom are channelled. In short, it’s the seat of your personal power. Your mind is where your brilliance and creativity stems from as well.

    Without it, you will not (and this is absolutely true in all respects) achieve anything that you want.

    So it is very important that you actually learn how to defend your mind so that you will remain consistent with your actions and you will be able to sustain the great things that you have begun.

    This becomes necessary after you have applied the secret ingredient that we have touched upon earlier. All of these elements and phases are interconnected and are equally important.

    Empowering Beliefs will also teach you how to condition your current mindset so that you will always be ready to reach for your goals no matter how hard things get.

    It is no secret that the majority of people have a tough time picking themselves up after negative experiences and emotional trouble.

    This part of the program will help you understand what’s happening with your emotions, thoughts and beliefs when bad things happen to you and also how you can overcome the obstacles that prevent you from moving on with your life.
  • Shattering Limiting Beliefs – There will come a point in your life where you will ask: where did I go wrong? People usually attribute failures and other common life problems to other people. Why? Because it is very easy to do so!

    Many times in the course of a single lifetime, a person will attribute financial difficulty, emotional issues and other hardships to the stuff that other people are doing.

    But the interesting part here is that people rarely stop and think if the problem itself is really stemming from limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are the negative aspects of your core belief system.

    They’re like strands in your Life DNA that are causing the whole structure to bend and twist in strange ways. It’s time to put things right again… You’ll find out how in Empowering Beliefs!

ONLY $17

Upgrade Your Core Beliefs and Shatter Limiting Ones – Click Here to Download Ultimate Prosperity DNA

Happiness with Gary Coxe
(8 Modules)

  • The True Faces of Happiness – Discover the many faces of happiness and why many people end up being unhappy despite their best efforts to produce happiness in their lives.

    Happiness isn’t complicated but it isn’t as plain as everyone thought. The reason why many folks are unable to hold on to happiness is that they don’t know how to wire their mindsets to produce this outcome.

    The eight modules on Happiness will focus on how you can achieve happiness and hold on to it for the rest of your life. The steps needed to arrive at this outcome will be outlined for you so you can just absorb them instantly and apply them as soon as possible to your own life situation.

    Remember, tweaking your Life DNA takes some steps but the great news here is that it is never too late to start making your Life DNA more wonderful than ever. That’s the beauty of Program Your Life!
  • Shattering the Myths – The first step in discovering true happiness in your life is to understand what happiness is not. You have to differentiate genuine happiness from things like physical pleasure.

    Like we said before, arriving at happiness in your life will take time because there is no single step that will just erase all of the negative influences and experiences in your life.

    If we told you that there is this magic bullet that will deal with all your life’s unhappy moments that would be just plain false.

    Instead, we are going to hold your hand (like we always will in this series) and show you the truth so you will never be trapped in fruitless pursuits and other energy-sapping experiences. How’s this for finally revolutionizing your Life DNA?
  • Mastering Life’s Journey – Your Life DNA adapts and evolves constantly; it is our nature as humans to change. We might not like the idea of change but it’s there and to resist the concept itself would be to deny ourselves the great benefits of change.

    Keep that in mind the next time you feel unhappy because of change. Changes can be good or bad depending on what you actually do when the changes arrive.

    This is the number one reason why you have to learn how to master the journey. Truly happy people are content with know what has happened (the past) and what is presently happening (the present time).

    They are not preoccupied to the future or with very specific results because they know that those things are just illusions.

    We will talk about how you can lend yourself extreme mastery of the journey itself so you will become the active agent that will mold the events and experiences that will then give you access to the outcomes that you want in life.

    Again, what you must focus on is the journey itself. Without mastery of the journey, a person can easily become lost, unhappy and disillusioned with his life… And this is a fact.
  • Become Wired for Consistency – Any person’s life would feel completely empty if happiness was not part of the equation. What many people don’t know is that there is a particular formula when it comes to becoming consistently happy.

    Consistent happiness is very possible no matter what your current station in life is. You don’t have to be a millionaire to be happy. Inversely, you do not have to reject all your worldly possessions in order to reach the same level of happiness in your life.

    From our observations and studies, it appears that people have mistakenly attributed their happiness to the wrong causes and wrong things in life.

    This is why people tend to become unhappy for long periods of time. Why suffer from inconsistent happiness when you can be happy for life?

    Ultimate Prosperity DNA will help you achieve happiness in every area of your life with what you currently have and you can boost your level of happiness even more when you begin achieving great things for yourself based on what really makes you happy.
  • Vaporize Obstacles to Happiness – One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about happiness is you can perform just one step and everything will be fixed.

    We’re not saying that you can’t be truly happy, what we’re actually saying is that you cannot be truly happy if your Life DNA is built around the wrong coordinates and the wrong beliefs about happiness.

    When a person places the wrong values on expectations, beliefs, etc., he will fail to see which avenues in life will truly provide the highest degree of happiness. In this part of the series, we will show you how you can practice gratefulness at the present time while avoiding deadly obstacles to happiness.

    If your road to happiness is always blocked, you will not be able to walk that road with full energy and you will always fall back to old tendencies and old ways.

    At the very core of Ultimate Prosperity DNA is the need to recognize old patterns of behavior that, like broken car parts, no longer serve their purpose in the grand scheme of things. Are you ready to get shiny new parts for your Life DNA?
  • A Secret Gift… – Happiness stems from being able to accomplish things that you care about. A person can be extremely wealthy and yet, very unhappy. He can also have next to nothing and still be one of the happiest people on Earth.

    The reason why is that there is actually a way to guarantee happiness in every scenario. Does this mean that you won’t have to battle those challenges and obstacles in life? No. What this means is that you will always be one step ahead in the game.

    We will give you a secret gift that you can use every time your happiness level falls because of what you are currently facing.

    This secret gift will never run out and like a trusty tool, can be brought out whenever you need it. Sounds fair? Our secret gift is waiting for you right now inside the Happiness modules of Program Your Life.

ONLY $17

Enjoy True Happiness and End Worries and Anxieties Effortlessly! Ultimate Prosperity DNA Is Available for 100% Secure Download


Relationships with Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
(8 Modules)

  • Building Great Relationships – Having genuine and rewarding relationships with a partner and other people is a pre-requisite to a truly happy life.

    You cannot be happy if you are always isolated from others. You will not feel loved and valued if you shy away from romantic relationships and all the complex and wonderful things that come with having one.

    Humans, more than any other member of the animal kingdom, have this hardwired need to socialize and be loved. That is why in Relationships, you will gain access to eight specialized modules that deal with how you can become the person that can easily attract love and good relationships.

    It doesn’t matter if you have always failed in attracting the right person or if some of your past relationships have gone bad. Those things are behind you now and you definitely are entitled to starting afresh with a clean slate.

    That’s right, mark this day as the day that you finally discard the old ‘you’ in favor of the real you, the Wonderful You that we are going to unlock from deep within your Life DNA.

    Speaking as a clinical hypnotherapist with over 25 years of professional experience in helping people overcome personal issues of all shapes, sizes and hues, I can personally guarantee that all of the things that you are going through right now can be changed as long as you have the correct set of steps. Remember, your Life DNA is just waiting for you to make those changes!
  • Wonderful You – You are the most important person in your life. Before you can make any big changes you have to understand the central role that you play in creating the outcomes that you want.

    Oftentimes we choose to lay by the wayside, allowing other people to dictate our value and importance. If you allow someone other than yourself to create a dominant image of yourself, you will be setting yourself up for many disappointments and unhappy moments.

    In the Relationships modules you will learn to differentiate between truth and fiction. You will also begin to see past the wrong valuations that people have of you so that everything that is wonderful and special inside of you will blossom.

    This is the most important transformation needed in order to kick-start the evolution of the relationship segment of your Life DNA. Think of the Relationships modules as the much-needed overhaul of all your core beliefs regarding romance, love and socializing with others.

    All this and much more awaits in eight, power-packed modules designed to aid you in becoming whatever you want to be in terms of establishing genuine relationships.

    So whether you are a nurturer or teacher, there will always be a way to emphasize the innate goodness and uniqueness inside of you so that the right people will be attracted into your life.
  • Do the Moves – Finding and attracting the love of your life takes work and time. Again, there is no magic bullet when it comes to creating the best relationship of your life.

    But the great news here is that you can reinvent yourself to become a good partner or lover. But before that can happen, you need to make the sparks fly first.

    In Relationships I will reveal to you time-tested methods that will help you win the heart of the person that you desire the most. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to spend a lot of money on the person that you are attracted to nor am I going to ask you to skip work in favor of going out on dates.

    We are going to focus on simples yet effective steps that will help emphasize your strong, positive points as you reach out to the person that you are attracted to.

    I will also teach you how to effectively manage rejection so you will never be in the position where you are spending a lot of energy on someone that is not really interested in going beyond mere acquaintance or platonic friendship.

    This is very important because we as humans have limited resources. We have limited energy and time as well. So as much as possible, you should be devoting your time and energy to people and situations that will provide you with the best experiences and more importantly, optimum results.

    Additionally, you will discover what not to do in order to sustain the effort needed to create the best relationships. If there are things that you must remember to do there are also things that you should avoid.

    Like anything else in the world, there are also best practices for romantic relationships and social relationships in general. You will find out much more when you listen to the special Relationship modules.

    Don’t miss out on these essential discussions that will surely change how you view the journey to great relationships!
  • Keep Those Sparks Flying! – When you finally get that relationship that you have been dreaming of, you need to be consistent with preserving and evolving that relationship.

    Keeping in stride with the main concept of the Life DNA, your relationship must keep growing and improving as time goes by. Keeping the sparks flying is the only way that you can have lasting and rewarding relationships.

    And even if you are not ready to settle down yet, it doesn’t mean that you are not deserving of a genuine relationship. A person can experience more than one long-term relationship in his or her quest for that one relationship that is truly worth keeping.

    One of the essential topics that will be covered in the eight Relationships modules is active listening. Active listening is the cornerstone of any lasting relationship but unfortunately, not many people are aware of the need for active listening.

    Active listening is different from just hearing something that your partner has said. Active listening is different from just agreeing with what the other person is stating.

    Active listening is much deeper and more complex than we had previously thought so I have devoted a good amount of discussion for active listening so you will fully comprehend what it takes to be an excellent, active listener.

ONLY $17

Find Out How to Become an Active Listener and Prime Mover (and More!) in Relationships, One of Four Powerful Modules in Ultimate Prosperity DNA


Wealth with Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
(8 Modules)

  • Your Unique Wealth Story – Every person in this world has his own Unique Wealth Story. This Story is deeply embedded in a person’s Life DNA. Your Life DNA, if we were to take it apart, would  yield very specific beliefs about the nature of money, how you should use it and what it is really for.

    It would be senseless to say that one person’s beliefs regarding wealth are better than another person’s beliefs. Why? Because they’re just beliefs and you have the power to change them whenever you want.

    And again, that is the wonderful thing about Ultimate Prosperity DNA and the concept of Life DNA. Life truly begins when you understand that along with the great beliefs you may have about life in general are limiting beliefs that are preventing you from achieving even more.

    The reason why you are the highest authority when it comes to your Life DNA is this: no one knows you better than yourself. No one has in-depth insight about what you have gone through but yourself. That is why the only person that can modify your Life DNA is you.

    Think about this for a second: at this very moment, you hold in your hands the key to your Life DNA. Your Life DNA, once changed, will begin chugging away, producing the great results that you have always dreamed of. Isn’t this a wonderful way of beginning your journey anew?
  • Engineering the Wealth Blueprint – In this part of the Wealth modules I am going to provide you with a way to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the wealth and success that you have always dreamed of. Does this sound like a far-fetched idea and does it seem impossible?

    Not when you know how to do it and do it correctly. This is an important step in your education as an expert of your Life DNA. Think of this step as re-engineering what makes you tick when it comes to wealth and abundance.

    Remember: wealth is more than just the money in your bank account. It is more than just how much you can spend in a month without going broke.

    Wealth permeates every aspect of your existence and is also a telling sign of your mental and spiritual health. By focusing on creating and redesigning your current wealth blueprint, two things can happen easily.

    One, you can become even more abundant and wealthy because you will be able to see with an eagle’s eye where you are headed and what exactly it is that you want from life.

    Second, and this applies most especially to those who are financially troubled, you can begin rising from the wealth-related problems that have plagued you for a long time.

    Additionally, I will be teaching you how you can use your most natural talents, skills and passions to make yourself wealthy and abundant.

    I find that this is a very important modification to any person’s Life DNA because too often, people end up being disappointed and disillusioned with life because they feel that they are trapped in a career or any kind of income-generating activity that they do not really care for.
  • The Diamond Well – Let me let you in on a little secret that I’ve kept for a very long time… And the secret is this: longevity is far more important than short term gains.

    A lot of people might disagree with this secret of mine, but let me tell you, it has been able to save me from a lot of grief and sadness over the years. It has also been able to help me create the kind of wealth-building environment that suited my needs and my lifestyle.

    Why is this so important? If you are going to dig a well, you have to aim for diamonds since you are going to exert a lot of effort anyway. And the only way that you will be able to reach for those diamonds that are hidden deep underground is if you dig consistently and you dig deeply.

    What is so great about the idea of having your own diamond well is this: the only logical way for a person to be able to ‘dig’ for that long is when he is following his heart.

    I will tell you more about this in the Wealth modules, I promise. For now, think about longevity and how you can actually plan for the long term.
  • The Mindset to Riches – Remember the saying that “it’s all in your head”? This old saying can either be taken negatively or positively. In the case of changing your Life DNA, this is actually a very positive concept.

    It is a positive concept because the only true way that you can modify your Life DNA is by going through your core belief system and your core beliefs are located in your mind, embedded in your memories and past experiences.

    To make your new Wealth Blueprint operational, you need to develop the Mindset to Riches. The Mindset to Riches requires essential components such as wealth enjoyment, wealth affirmations and the law of attraction.

    If you want to make your transformation complete, you need to pay attention to all these components to make sure that everything is working together in perfect harmony.

    You are going to be in charge the whole time because this is your Life DNA that we are talking about!
FREE Bonus: Transcripts of ALL Recordings!

Included as a FREE bonus is a complete transcription of the entire course! This means that in addition to the 32 audio modules, you also get a full transcript of every word as a downloadable PDF. Yours FREE!


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Change never looked this good – and the benefits will just keep coming. Click here to find out how you can evolve your Life DNA starting today.

To Your Success,

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

Gary Coxe

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